Pediatric Brain Tumor Portal:

An open resource for the research community to access molecular characterization and samples from our library of pediatric brain tumor models.

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PBTP features molecular characterization for patient-derived orthotopic xenograft (PDOX) models of pediatric CNS tumors and reflects close to 10 years of effort to generate and extensively characterize in vivo models that faithfully recapitulate pediatric brain cancer diseases.

The portal offers visualization tools that allow users to interrogate curated datasets and access models from our library of PDOX for functional studies of tumorigenesis or preclinical testing.

Explore Pediatric Brain Tumor Data

Disease cohort datasets include:

  • Somatic mutations
  • Gene expression
  • DNA methylation and subgrouping
  • Chemical sensitivity profiling
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Sample-level characterization includes:

  • Clinical features
  • Histology
  • Somatic Mutations
  • Gene Expression
  • DNA methylation profiling and subgroup classification
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Gene-level datasets feature:

  • Search models for mutations
  • Single nucleotide variations
  • Insertions and deletions
  • Link to sample-level characterization
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PBTP has been integrated into the St. Jude Cloud platform, a data-sharing resource scientists can use to explore patient and PDOX sequencing in the context of larger cohort data sets, as well as download raw genomics data files.

PBTP freely shares resources with no obligation to collaborate. The mission of the PBTP is to support basic and translational research advances in pediatric brain tumors.